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Answers For “What Is A Heat Pump Air Conditioner?”

What is a heat pump air conditioner? Heat pump air conditioners are something like compressors that will keep whether cold or warm your house. Heat pump air conditioners, this is an alternative air conditioner that can be chosen. The same with electricity AC, heat pump use electricity as its source. Although come with the same energy resource, but the concept of heat pump and AC is different. To make your house cool, AC will generate the temperature of your room. However, air pump moves the heat. It moves the heat to your house or room rather than generate the heat.

Heat pump can be use in warm or cold season. In the summer, heat pump will move the cool space to warm space. In the contrary, it moves warm space to cooler space in the winter. The main concept of heat pump is moving heat from your room to the outside air. The consumption of energy of heat pump is very efficient. It can reduce the total of electricity you use up to 40 %. That is why heat pump well-known has high-efficiency. This make heat pump more efficient than other heater or AC.

What Is A Heat Pump Air Conditioner

There are some variants of compressor using by heat pump. There are standard and double speed compressor. The standard one needs more time to change the function. You can’t directly move its function from cooling and heating function. You need a bit more time because to change the function of standard compressor you have to wait till the compressor get full capacity. Meanwhile with double speed you don’t have to wait. It because this double speed has full capacity all the time. This double-speed compressor also have more efficiency of the usage of energy. It has more system also that can reduce the noise of the blower.

The most incredible thing is you can use is you can heat the water with this stuff. While the heat pump moving a cool temperature, it will waste some heat. This heat can be use for heating water. Moreover, this system will be 3 or 4 time more efficient that the conventional water heater. In addition, you can maximize the power of heat pump to move the heat by using back-up burners. These burners will reduce the usage of electricity. Instead of put it in high level, burners can maximize the heat power. Hopefully some of that information can answer your question of “what is a heat pump air conditioner?”

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