Useful Tent Camping Air Conditioner Support Your Camping Time

Tent camping air conditioner is one of stuff that campers should have when they are going camping with their friends or their family. It is needed to make the people feel so comfortable and feel like home, so when you are going to go camping, you must have this kind of stuff to support your camping time. Of course, there are lots of types that can be chosen from. This kind of air conditioner includes to portable types. It means that the air conditioner can be moved easily without any difficulties to the user when they use it. To get it to work properly, makes sure the ground isn’t wet and avoid rain also water in used. You have to do it to keep yourself and family safe.

Talk about air conditioner, actually when you are going to buy this kind of air conditioner, you have to pay attention to some consideration that very crucial to determine the only one. Knowing what you need is important part in choosing something, no exception with this kind of air conditioner. First is about the size of the air conditioner. This air conditioner comes in various size; 5000 BTU, 6000 BTU, and 8000 BTU are three sizes of air conditioner that can be chosen by you. You also have to sizing your tent with the air conditioner you need, it because if you buy wrong air conditioner, of course it such wasting and you won’t get what you expect from the air conditioner.

tent camping air conditioner

About the sizing the tent with the air conditioner size, here are the usage of air conditioner with 5000 BTU and 6000 BTU. Well, 5000 BTU will suitable to cool 700 cubic-foot tents, whereas for 6000 BTU will suitable for 1500 cubic-foot room. Okay, you then can estimate the size of the tent you will need with the size of air conditioner which fit the area. Therefore, when you want to use this air conditioner, make sure you place it near the window, door, or near the tree when it comes to hot day at noon. If you put it near the tree, make sure the tree shades is at the south or the west of the tent.

If you wish to get it work, you need electricity to get it going, so you will have to make sure you have your own generator to keep your air conditioner working. When the outdoor temperature is about 90 degree to 105 degree Fahrenheit or 30 degree to 40 degree in Celsius, the air conditioner you use to make cool the tent may ineffective to be used. Besides, for the care and maintenance, you have to clean the filter regularly, and your tent camping air conditioner will always work properly.

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