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The Best Of Stand Alone Air Conditioners

Stand alone air conditioner works similar to a portable air conditioner. It just has to be placed near a power source and a window. It seems quite compact than the rest of the air conditioners and can be rolled on the ground from one place to another for effective use. Few of the best stand alone air conditioners can be listed as below:

Frigidaire LRA157MT1: This product gives you one of the best stand alone air conditioners. It has 15,100 cooling rating for BTU. A digitalized type of control, this device has 8 ways for air control. The height, width and depth can be calculated as 17.06″, 23.63″ and 25.38″ respectively. This product of 112 lbs in weight has an Energy Efficient Ratio of 10.7. It can cool a room which can extend up to 900 square feet.

stand alone air conditioners

Frigidaire LRA127CT1: This seems another product of Frigidaire topping the list. The major difference is the cooling rating of BTU between the top two options. This product has a rating of 12,000 BTU with a digitalized type of control. Frigidaire LRA127CT1 appears to be 14.4 inches in height, 19.0 inches in width carrying a depth of 21.5 inches. It can be ported from one place to another easily as it just weighs 68 lbs. The room must be of 640 square feet to get the desired results from this device.

Soleus GL-PAC-D8E4: As this product consumes less energy for cooling with just 8000 BTU, it can cool only up to 250 square feet of room. It has 3 cooling fan speeds that can be accessed according to the room’s temperature. With height of 31.5 inches, width of 11.75 inches and depth of 14 inches, this device has a cord length of 72 feet. Also, it includes a Fan Only Option where you can use it only as a fan than an air conditioner.

Idylis 416710: The room size depends upon the consumption of energy required for cooling. This product of Idylis takes only 12000 BTU for cooling the room and hence, it can prove to work in a 500 square feet room at its best. The depth, height and width of this system is 15.94 inches, 29.41 inches and 17.6 inches respectively. As it weighs only 67.8 lbs, it can be counted as one of the portable air conditioners.

De’Longhi PACAN130HPEL: A quiet and simple model, this model does not make any noise unlike other air conditioners. The cooling and the heating rate seems to be the same, that is, 13,000 BTU. Three cooling fan speeds can be accessed with this product. Its height appears to be 33.8 inches with depth 15.0 inches and width 17.0 inches. It weighs as less as 71.3 lbs. The room size cooling capacity for De’Longhi PACAN130HPEL is 450 square feet.

Summer makes the best season to utilize the stand alone air conditioners. Few of these devices can also be used in the winter season as it comes along with heaters. There are few stand alone ACs which do not require the exhaust hose to be connected when it uses the Fan mode. Most of the air conditioners can be bought in the price range of $279 to $649 and can be used throughout the year.

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