Advantages Of Portable Cooling Systems

Portable air conditioners are systems used to cool and dehumidify a room. They are often used to spot cool rooms and attics. These systems can also serve as fans or space heaters. They are much easier to install as compared to window units. These portable cooling systems have grown popular in the recent years due to a number of reasons.

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners

Unlike traditional window air conditioners, portable units can easily be moved around a room thanks to the casters or wheels attached to the system. Since it is mobile, you can use it in your home office during the day and move it to your bedroom at night.

A portable cooling unit is very easy to install as it doesn’t require screws and other related fixing materials. However, you need to create an exhaust vent to allow condensed air to leave the room.

portable cooling systems

Since portable air conditioning systems are comparatively smaller than window and central AC units, they are also less costly. Since they are less expensive, you can easily buy one for your house without having to cut down on other expenses.

A rented house comes with too many limitations. For example, you need to buy furniture and other types of equipment that are easy to transport while moving, and easy to install. In such cases, a portable AC unit is the ideal option due to its easy installation and mobility. Buying this type of cooling system lessens your trouble when moving so that you can focus on transporting other heavy appliances.


The smallest and the most economical portable AC units have 7,500-8,000 BTU and can cool about 150-200 square foot rooms. The cooling and dehumidifier functions of some units are separate and so you can choose any mode. Other features that come with these units include a timer, temperature display, air filter and three cooling speeds. Units with 9,000 BTU are appropriate for areas of over 200 square feet. These may come with an ion generator. The 9,500 and 11,500 BTU units have a remote control and multiple speeds. There is a drip container that holds condensation. Some systems incorporate self-evaporating technology. If you have a 250 square feet room, then you can buy 10,000 BTU units that come with a two-speed fan, a remote control, an 8-hour timer and a washable activated carbon filter for removing odor.


When choosing the best portable AC unit, the size of the rooms (in terms of square footage) to be conditioned must be considered. You can then input this data in an air conditioner size calculator to determine the required strength. Moreover, you need to choose the style. When it comes to choosing portable cooling units, a free standing AC unit is the ideal style.

In conclusion, portable cooling systems will prove useful in areas where a central AC system is neither required nor feasible. Some of the places where these units can be used include an office, an apartment and outdoor places, such as a garage or a warehouse. They are appropriate for cooling areas of 200-500 square feet.

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