Top 5 Portable Air Conditioner Without Exhaust Hose

Having a reliable portable air conditioner at your disposal can assure overall comfort on your home particularly during extremely hot days. Many prefer portable air conditioners than models that are fixed on a specific room since they can help minimize electricity consumption. To help you find a portable air conditioner without exhaust hose that can supply all your needs and wants, here is a list of your top 5 best options.

Tripp lite SRCOOL12K

If you can afford spending more than $500 for a new portable air conditioning unit, the Tripp lite SRCOOL12K is your best pick. Setting its excessive price aside, this model can assure optimum comfort with its 12,000 BTU cooling power. Cooling up a 500 sq. ft. room won’t cost you a few minutes with the help of this machine. This gem from Tripp, a known appliance company, also offers new and interesting features including auto-restart, environment friendly byproducts, and automatically saves your preferred configurations prior power supply loss.

portable air conditioner without exhaust

Frigidaire FRA053PU1

Homeowners who have a tight budget often choose the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 among various options. You can’t blame them since this cooling machine perfectly combined affordability and performance. It has enough power to cool a 216 sq. ft. room and comes with a number of useful features as well including a swing air direction control, antimicrobial filter, and digital controls. Despite being sold at a very low price, this air conditioning unit already received countless good reviews stressing out that it’s durable enough to last for several years.

Soleus Air PH3-12R-03

Soleus Air PH3-12R-03 offers power and stability like no other else. This portable air conditioning unit is built with a strong motor which provides 12,000 BTU cooling power. It is also lighter compared to what other known brands offer making it a great choice for homeowners who plan to frequently move their new portable cooling machine from one room to another. Although this product is sold at a very reasonable price, it still boasts several interesting features including a remote control and a 24-hr programmable timer.

SPT WA-9000E

Don’t look elsewhere if your goal is to find an affordable, powerful, quiet, and highly durable portable air conditioner without exhaust hose. The SPT WA-9000E may carry a less popular brand yet its reliability and overall performance is second to only a few. With a 9,000 BTU cooling power, it can completely cool down a 250 sq. ft. room in less than 30 minutes. This model is also built with 3 fan speeds and an LCD-panel which interacts with a remote control. The full 1-year warranty that comes with this promising cooling machine is a clear indication that it has what it takes to offer years of quality service and assure you family’s comfort all year round.

Honeywell MN10CESWW

What more can you ask for from an air conditioning unit with a 10,000 BTU cooling power and a full-function remote control? The Honeywell MN10CESWW even has more which includes 3 fan speeds, powerful airflow, and quite operation. This cooling machined is one of the few in the market that is not only affordable but powerful enough to cool a 400 sq. ft. room in a matter of minutes.

Choosing a portable air conditioner without exhaust hose from the models mentioned above will surely lead to future satisfaction. Keep in mind that the comfort of your family is at stake here so don’t hesitate to invest more time, effort, and money if it would mean finding a portable air condition unit that can meet all your demands.

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