Quick Overview Of The Portable AC Heater

The portable AC Heater has become all the rage in the last few years due to its dual functionality and mobility. These handy devices are far more potent than traditional ACs or heaters and are cost effective at the same time. They are also a fairly modern technology which means much thought has been put into energy efficiency. The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) can range from 7,500 BTU units to almost 14,000 BTUs. This means any rooms varying in size from 250 sq ft to 525 sq ft can be easily serviced with the common models. It is also easy to move these devices around unlike traditional machines. They are ideal for apartments and dorms where normal installation methods can be cumbersome.

Most models are available for under $ 450 which is quite helpful for the average consumer. They help in controlling the temperature and maintaining a comfortable environment. Most are equipped with carbon filters which keep the air clean. Heating or cooling can be used according to the climate. This is one of the biggest advantages as you won’t need to go in for a separate unit for heating. People living in places with extremes of temperatures will find this highly beneficial. Weight is also an advantage and these devices rarely weigh above 70 pounds. Moving it around the house will never be a problem. Assembly is also quite easy and straightforward.

portable ac heater

They also usually come with a remote control to help you control the unit from a distance. LED light and displays make it very simple to view the current settings and make changes. Fans with variable speed settings are also available to help you attain the perfect temperature. Many can be used as dehumidifiers also.

One important aspect to keep in mind while purchasing this device is the noise level. Some models are much noisier than others and this can be quite irritating, especially in a small room. Also, the heaters in many units did not seem to be very efficient. While the cooling is strong and powerful with all manufacturers, heating is not always that uniform.

These are also very environment friendly and that is a major bonus in today’s world. Traditional ACs have been one of the biggest reasons for ozone depletion but with this new technology, these concerns are taken care of. Programmable timers also allow you to set the duration of its functioning. With more models coming out in the near future, we are sure to see units with far more advanced features and specifications.

Beyond a doubt, the portable AC heater is going to be a game changer in the market. With so many advantages over the established devices, it is bound to become a hit. Most customers who have purchased this seem to be very happy with the functioning. As the product gets more popular, prices are also bound to go up. Right now it is mostly smaller companies that are involved in this market but many of the major AC companies are also looking into this technology. That in itself is a testament to its growing popularity.

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