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Keeping Your Home Cool With Lennox Solar AC

Lennox Solar AC is a new innovation that is very friendly to environment. You do not need to worry about the bad effect to your house environment. You also don’t have to worry again when the summer comes, because you can keep your home cool with this kind of AC. Lennox is one of many industries that has solar air conditioner product. This is very popular with The Lennox SunSource as the brand and its name is very easy to remember. Many homeowners are very interested to use this kind of air conditioner. Actually, you will get many advantages by installing this air conditioner to your home, but there are also disadvantages that will you get.

Before you are going to buy new solar air conditioner, of course you need to prepare the budget well. It is because, when it comes to solar system, you will need much money to get the air conditioner. You also will spend high cost for the installation even though the installations are not very easy and not too difficult to be done. But, to make sure the air conditioner running well without any mistake in the installation, of course you have to hire professional to do the job because they surely understand every single part of the air conditioner with solar system in depth. You don’t have to worry about anything else, because it will be handled by experts.

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In choosing the air conditioner that will be used to keep the air cool, of course you have to consider about the size of the room, so you can make sure the air conditioner that suitable for the room. Various size of air conditioner also provided to be chosen by you. One of them has 16,000 BTU to keep cool 600 square feet area. It is not too wide in its size and it will cost you somewhere around $2,895 to buy it and it doesn’t include the installation in the house. The Lennox SunSource will use 190 watts in single solar panels which supply power to assist the fan motor moves across the outdoor coil.

When it comes to relate with sun system, surely you will need much sun light as the source of the solar system. It is true, but the problem is when the sun light is not enough to support the solar system run well. With the Lennox SunSource, you don’t have to worry about the lack of sun light for the solar source. It is because the Lennox Sun Source will take advantages or the available solar resources and reduce the energy usage.  This air conditioner has rooftop unit as factory installed option. Each sun source system will reduce building carbon footprint and CO2 emissions by using the clean, renewable, and energy of the sun. So, don’t hesitate to choose and install Lennox Solar AC for your home.

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