How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner In Your Home

Portable air conditioners are better than full home air-conditioners because you can use one unit in different rooms. They are easy to maintain, they are less expensive and you can store them away when you don’t need them. Here are simple tips on how to install a portable air conditioner in your home.

Read the manual

After unpacking the first thing to do is to hunt for the manual that comes with the device and read it from page one to the end. This will give you a full insight about the device and all the additional things you need to buy to make the installation work. The manual will also guide you with the tools you need to acquire and give you hints on how to begin your installation.

how to install a portable air conditioner

Select the right window

For portable air conditioners to work you need to install the duct that extends to the exterior. This is why you need to look for the perfect window position area where your duct will pass through and the air conditioner will stay. Once you select the window take a measurement of the width and ensure that it corresponds with the measurement of your slider extension and window kit. This is how to install a portable air conditioner that fits perfectly.

Install the window kit

While some window kit and slider extension will fit perfectly into place some will require that you cut them down in size. Once you’ve perfected your cutting you can then install the kit on the window. To install your new insert on the window make use of a latch to hold the window in place after opening it with a crank. Make sure you insert is secured so that it doesn’t get damaged during a breeze. To secure the insert into the window frame you can make use of either retainer clips or twin clamps.

Weather proof the insert

It is very important that weatherproof your insert since it can serve as a means of weather element attack if it is left undone. You can do this by making use of caulk at the point where the casing and window frame meets. An easier alternative to this is to make use of self-adhesive weather stripping, which can be purchased at your local tool store.

Attach the hose and connect

Now you can grab the hose and attach it to the back of the unit before connecting it to the window kit. During installation make sure that you keep the hose straight and prevent any sharp turns. Never attempt to extend the hose longer than the original size it comes with. Connect the air conditioner to an AC outlet and you’re ready to enjoy the cool breeze.

Additional tips on how to install a portable air conditioner includes making sure the power connection point supplies enough power so that the circuit breaker is not stripped. Air conditioner comes with air filters that help prevent dust particles from damaging the AC. You can remove this filter and clean it up with a vacuum cleaner. However, if your portable air conditioner comes with a carbon filter that removes odor you’ll need to replace it when it’s dirty.

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