How Does A Portable Air Conditioner Work

How does a portable air conditioner work? This is one of the question interested consumers ask and especially if they have not come across a portable HVAC unit. As a new entrant into the home improvement market, detailed information which gives an insight into how this miniature conditioners work would be of benefit to people who plan to make the switch from conventional HVAC systems.

What exactly are portable air conditioners?

Unlike conventional air conditioners which are designed to condition the air in an entire building or one floor in a storey, portable air conditioners are relatively small units which can actually be moved from room to room of one place to another with ease. Such a unit does not need specialized installation as would be the case with larger units; the user just needs to plug it into power after which they turn it on to initiate the conditioning process. You would also like to learn that the portable version of air conditioning units do not require a window for effective cooling or heating of air in a room.

how does a portable air conditioner work

So, how does a portable air conditioner work?

To get a better grasp on this, it would be important to evaluate the functionality of conventional air conditioners first. The conventional unit is usually installed outside a window from which it takes cold air from outside and propels hot air from the interior. All air conditioners work on the same principle where hot air is pushed to the outside to allow the entry of cool air. As stated earlier, portable units do not need a window for this exchange. Instead, they come with a tube which connects to the outside through any ventilation holes to allow intake of cool air. Another tube which protrudes into the interior of a room is utilized to bring in the conditioned air and systematically propel the unwanted hot air into the exterior.


Operating a portable air conditioner is not in any way difficult. Both the unit and tube are designed to be lightweight so that it is easy to carry the entire conditioner around. Setup requires you to find a ventilation hole through which you push the tube meant to bring in cool air. After this plug the unit into a power outlet after and switch it on. Now, all air conditioners have a condensation build up. With larger units, this is not a problem since the condensed moisture wouldn’t damage anything if it was allowed drip freely since they are installed outside. A portable air conditioner however has a reservoir which keeps the condensed moisture until it is full.


One of the benefits a consumer enjoys with a portable air conditioner is conservation of energy. Large units consume a lot of power which might not be necessary if only a few rooms in a building will be utilized. A portable unit is however cheaper to purchase, maintain and run.

Word is out and most people are now familiar with the benefits of a portable air conditioning unit. However, a few of the cautious consumers interested in the units still ask the same question. How does a portable air conditioner work? Truth is that you don’t have to worry, just buy one, follow the owner’s manual to install and enjoy its convenience.

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