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The Right Heat Controller Inc Parts For Home

Heat controller inc parts come in variations that you can purchase. As we know that heat controller Inc is the quality leader in air conditioning. The heat controller has experienced for 75 years and committed to quality equipment for cooling and dehumidification as well as for residential and commercial heating. It provides reliable and efficient product as well as work well in season availability. It also gives comfortable use either at home, school, play or work. There are a lot of choices of the heat controllers such as ductless mini-split A/C estimator, Heat/Cool 1-5 zones, infrared outdoor heaters and many others.

You also can option parts of the heat controller models like BG-81A with 41 parts available, B-VMC18SB with 5 Parts available, B-VMH09SB with 6 parts available, B-VMC24SB with 5 parts available, AHMC12AS with 1 part available, EKTH-150B with 1 part available, QCE36-1 with 1 part available, W1213 with 1 part available, B-DMC36CA-1 with 32 parts available and the others. When you opt for AHMC12AS with 1 part available, the heat controller consist of only controls. The part is well known with 6871A10036K. You can opt for one of them that are suitable with your needs.

heat controller inc parts

If you want a heat controller that is designed with 32 parts, you can opt for B-DMC36CA-1. The parts include control, cover, filter, hose, valve, regulator, motor and blade, tubing, and other parts. For other parts, it consists of part 3041A110069A. This part fits 6 models such as B-DMC36CA-1, AT-C343HLFO, DMC24CA-1, LC340CP, LCN240CP, and LCN340CP. The part feature base assembly and weld (indoor). When you option B-VMC24SB, it is available in 5 parts such as controls, horses, valves, and regulator, motor and blades and other parts. When you buy a controller AC part, you should select your model and see a list of genuine parts that fit with your air conditioner.

For other types, you can option 10K ES AIR CONDITIONER that is a heat controller, inc. RADS-101A. It features room air conditioner. The heat controller is designed with low cost cooling that is available in compact model. Parts of such heat controller include electronic controls with full feature remote, 1 temperature adjustment, 12 hour on/off timer, slide-out, easy access, washable filter, auto restart, 4-way adjustable air and window mounting kit. Maximum wall thickness of the controller is 5”. All heat controllers are available in various size, model and designs. You can opt for one of heat controller Inc parts that are suitable with your home.

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