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Geothermal Heat Pump Price In The Markets

Some scientists continue to develop the technologies and alternative fuels for heating and cooling system. Now, you can enjoy the geothermal technology for your heat pump device. As information, the geothermal heat pump price is determined by the complementary components on the system. What is geothermal? It is a technology that utilizes geothermal. It is at the core of planet Earth with the temperature of 5,500 C. This high temperature can be used as the primary energy for the water heating devices. In addition, this technology can also be used to melt the snow on roads and warm the greenhouse. Besides generating electricity, geothermal energy can also be used for industrial processes.

The geothermal heat pump system is very suitable to be applied in the areas with four seasons. The system uses advanced technology that is able to absorb free energy in earth. It is used to meet the needs of your office or home by applying the heating and cooling systems as needed. This distributes directly the geothermal as the energy source. Here is the main device used in the geothermal system. The first is the heating loop. This is a piping system to distribute the cool or heat energy through the blower. The second is the refrigerant loop that is pressurized to transport heat energy from one point to another through the compressor.

geothermal heat pump price

The third is the ground loop. It has the antifreeze component that is circulated under the ground surface. The liquid will be circulated through the pump by using the low power. Furthermore, geothermal is an eco-friendly energy source since it comes from the earth’s core. The capital and exploration expenditures of geothermal power are higher than the other power plants that use the fossil fuels. However, after it starts to operate, the production and maintenance costs are relatively cheaper. There are three basic alternatives of geothermal heating system; horizontal, vertical, and open loop.

In the horizontal system, excavation is conducted by the depth of 4-5 meters from the ground. Meanwhile, for the vertical system, the holes it takes about 30 meters to reach the stable thermal zone. Since this requires the careful infrastructure preparation, geothermal heat pump price tends to be expensive. Vertical systems are usually more likely to be applied in the extreme climates. On the other hand, the open-loop system is sometimes used for the personal needs in housing. To operate this technology, you need a heat pump unit, ductwork, circulation pump, refrigerant loop, and the other electrical devices.

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