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Why Choose A Free Standing Air Conditioner?

As the name suggests, a free standing air conditioner is a cooling unit that is not permanently installed permanently. You can move it from room to room and it will cool the temperature and remove humidity just as effectively as if you had a regular air conditioning system. Here are some of the common reasons why people choose to dry and cool the air using these portable units.

These conditioners are usually great if you want to cool a small room at home or in the office and do not have either the money or the time to install a permanent AC system. They also come in handy in places where the weather is favorable for most of the year and gets hot only occasionally. Because AC is not required much of the time, these free standing units are a cheap way to cool air for a short period of time.

  • There are some AC units that will dry air without cooling it and a free standing air conditioner can be used to complement these and cool temperatures.
  • In places where sometimes there are too many people all at once, like restaurants and hospitals, the air conditioning system will sometimes not be sufficient to keep the temperatures low enough in crowds. Having a unit of this kind will come in handy when it gets too hot.
  • If you want to turn your basement or your attic into a room that you can use, you may find that the air circulation in there is not very good. Using a free standing air conditioner will dry the air as well as cool it so that you can use it every day. Its especially important to dry the air if you are going to use electrical equipment, like computers, in there.
  • If you have a room that doesnt have windows, cool it and dry it with a portable AC. It is cheaper than rewiring your AC system just for that little room.
  • Having a movable air conditioner for emergencies is a good idea especially if you live in very hot weather or you have an AC system that breaks down often.

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When buying a free standing air conditioner, there are 4 main things that you should look out for


These units come with wheels, but there are older models still available that need to be carried around from room to room. Check to make sure that your intended unit has wheels or rollers. Sometimes the picture on the box will not show them, so open and confirm. You should also check to see that the unit is not heavy and hard to push. It should move with ease to from room to room.


You will hardly hear the noise of a regular AC system because the unit is installed behind insulation and ceiling and then the cool air is piped. A free standing air conditioner, however, has both compressor and blower encased in only the unit, and there is no insulation to check the noise. Most manufacturers will not indicate that a unit is noisy or even give a noise level. The best way to be sure is to look at reviews. There is no harm, if you are buying at a local store, to ask them to test it for you. Do not underestimate the amount of noise that can come from a unit like this what seems like a quiet whirr in the store can start to seem quite loud in the quiet of a bedroom or an office.


You should make sure that you check the unit for just how effectively it will cool air. Many AC systems don’t cool air well enough unless they are turned up very high, and a portable unit might cool the air even less effectively.


Check how many vents a unit has. Some units require that there is a window because one vent brings in air while the other pumps it out. Shop with the rooms requirements in mind, and if you need to, get a dryer vent.

How does it compare to a windowless air conditioner?

Because free standing air conditioners work through condensation, they have a distinct advantage over windowless air conditioners which require that water be emptied from the water tray every so often. Portable ACs will recycle their water, making them more efficient and they require less attention.

Windowless conditioners also tend to shut themselves off if the tray is full and they are not emptied on time, which means that for the AC to run all the time, someone has to remember to empty the tank. Portable ACs on the other hand can run all the time and will not shut down.

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