Maintain Optimal Temperature With Energy Star Portable Air Conditioner

When the atmosphere is maintained in an optimal temperature, naturally it will be a soothing experience for people in the premises. Be it office or your residence, investing in Energy Star portable air conditioner will be an ideal choice. The product which have earned the star rating offer best performance besides being highly energy efficient.

By going for such certified products, you can ensure that the investment that you make offers value for money, durability and most of all save energy which is vital. The benefits users gain by opting for portable air conditioners are plenty because they are highly mobile, easy to use, available in variety of ton capacity and energy efficient.

Earning The Energy Star

The Energy Star rated portable air conditioners can be comfortably termed to be the best available in the market. The badge is provided to only those which comply with the strict energy efficient methods prescribed by the US Environmental Protection Agency. When you choose to go for these products, you will not only create a comfortable environment to live in but also save money spent on utility bills. They also produce reduced greenhouse gas emissions thus saving the environment from destruction.

energy star portable air conditioner

Royal Sovereign

Coming from the house of a reputed manufacturer, the products are always ahead of time offering great cooling capacity, multiple cooling settings, digital temperature controls and sturdy plastic build. You can choose between two different cooling capacities (BTU) and both of them share the same features. The products come with an amazing five year compressor warranty and one year manufacturer warranty.

Koldfront Ultracool

Koldfront Ultracool is highly compact in size, easy to move around with caster wheels yet powerful enough to comfortably cool a 500 square feet room. The 14,000 BTU model is extremely powerful and is integrated with self-evaporative system, three speed fan and auto restart features. The Energy Star certified portable air conditioner model is energy efficient and eco-friendly as well.


Whynter portable air conditioner is popular among buyers for its affordable price range and excellent build quality. The unit is integrated with state-of-the-art self-evaporating technology, 24 hour timer, dehumidifier and anti-bacterial silver ion filter designed to provide you fresh air every time. It’s a robust option for people who like to chill their living space in style.


With positive reviews and excellent customer rating, MobilComfort portable air conditioners are durable on the long run. It comes in-built with special features like a condenser that will evaporate excess water found in the pan. The regular programmable timer buttons, temperature control and washable air filter are part of the products from this reputed brand. It’s energy efficient and powerful at the same time.


Frigidaire is your portable solution to beat the heat. The products from this branded company looks visually impressive and packs a punch in the features area. The remote control is fully functional and offers additional features for convenient usage. Experience clean, cold air filling your room to beat the weather with Energy Star portable air conditioner from Frigidaire.

Besides being extremely compact, Energy Star portable air conditioners consume 10% less energy when compared to conventional models and emit the lowest possible amount of greenhouse gases. Make your living space sophisticated while contributing your share to the environment with certified products.

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