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Does Dehum On Air Conditioner Works?

The “dehum on air conditioner” feature can usually be seen with a dry or “water drop” icon. Even though the feature is there where you can keep the temperature of your room to be dry with your air conditioner, many people still think it is better for you to purchase a separate portable dehumidifier to reduce the humidity and moisture from the air of the particular room. Some people think of using air conditioner as their dehumidifiers also, yet this is not a good idea because it is not cost effective especially when you leave it on for long periods of time.

Instead of running your air conditioner on dry mode, you are probably better off by purchasing two units of dehumidifiers. Not only that they will be cheaper in their energy or watt uses, they will also be easy to be moved around between rooms just in case you want to dehumidify two different rooms that are located at two end sides of the house. The feature itself is usually available for a lot of different Air Conditioner models, but many people choose not to use it because running the air conditioner 24/7 can actually be bad for their power bills.

Dehum On Air Conditioner

Many people are afraid of the excess moisture from the air inside their house especially in areas like their basements or crawlspaces. To remove the excess moist, it is definitely better to use a unit of dehumidifier instead of using an air conditioner that has “dehum” feature on it. They are more expensive and they don’t work as maximized as how they should be. If you feel like you want to “cool” the house, then you can install the dehumidifier unit on the bottom part of your house such as in the basement and lower the level of humidity so the whole house can stay cool instead of running the air conditioner nonstop.

With the disadvantages of running the dry mode on your air conditioner, people choose to go for the better and cheaper option of actually installing a separate dehumidifier unit instead of using the air conditioner to dehumidify the room. With all that being said, using the air conditioner for the house should be used to cool the house or per room if you like, but if you want to remove excess moisture from the air, then it is best to use a separate unit of dehumidifier instead of using the “dehum on air conditioner” feature.

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