Compact Portable Air Conditioner – The Latest Trend In The AC World

With the increasing heat of summer and the cooling financial market central air-conditioning might not be a suitable option for many household. Window ACs might not fix well in all the windows and the water pipe can really deduct some good marks from the aesthetic value of the interior. The compact portable air conditioner unit fits rightly into this situation. It can be a perfect choice for the budget conscious people living in apartments.

Getting into the detail

The portable AC units come in two major forms; the split system and the hose system. Both the systems contain two main AC units, the compressor and the air handler within the structure. One of the two units of a portable split AC sits inside the home, and the other one is fixed outside. A flexible plastic pipe which is vented to the outside unit maintains connection between the two. The portable hose AC has a single unit that sits within the house and the hot air is vented through a plastic pipe outside the room. The other part of the hose portable AC system is a bucket that collects the air moisture and needs to be emptied at regular intervals. There are different types of portable AC systems and the window AC is also considered as a portable system though it remains semi-fixed within the wall or window. The movable portable AC units are free to move and can be ported to different rooms without unfixing any of its parts.

compact portable air conditioner

The working process of a portable AC

The design of a Portable AC unit is much simpler than the wall mounted ones. The box of the AC holds both the hot and the cold sides; the heat is exhausted through an exhaust pipe. The condensed water formed from the moisture in the air is drained to a bucket. The advanced forms of the Portable ACs evaporate the condensed water thus eliminating the need of emptying the bucket repeatedly.

Selecting the correct size of a portable AC

Just like the other air-conditioning systems selecting the correct size of the portable AC is essential for efficient cooling of the room. BTU or British Thermal Units are used in rating the capacity of the compact portable air conditioner systems; the higher the BTU the higher the cooling capacity. For a portable AC the cooling capacity generally ranges between 5,000BTU to 30,000BTU. The exact size of the AC depends on the size of the area to be cooled. To decide the BTU capacity you need to compute the size of your room in square footand also the size and location of the windows for ventilation. For a 100-200 square foot area a portable AC with 7,000 – 8,000 BTU capacity is highly recommended. For 350-525 square foot area 12,000 – 16,000 BTU portable AC can be well effective. The needed BTU capacity for your room can be increased or reduced depending on other conditions such as number of occupants, if the room is also a kitchen, or if it is adequately shaded.

There are many reasons for the increasing popularity of the compact portable air conditioner systems. Firstly, these units are more affordable than the conventional forms of ACs. You also save money on the installation charges as no installation is required for these portable units. The portability adds to convenience and you can carry your AC to other rooms as you move on. So you need not to install a separate AC in every room. Due to the spot cooling nature of the portable air-conditioning systems it also acts as a dehumidifier thus preventing formation of germs inside the room and making the inside environment more comfortable.

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