The Best Boat Portable Air Conditioner

A boat portable air conditioner helps you improve the conditions in your boat’s interior by cooling it when the heat is unbearable. High-end conditioners which are designed to improve the atmosphere in the inside of a boat come with an air purifier and a dehumidifier all in one unit.

The American Comfort ACW100 Portable Air Conditioner

If you want something which deserves being described as a high quality, portable air conditioner, the American Comfort ACW100 perfectly suits you. It features 1,000 BTUs of power which guarantee you victory over the harshest conditions by cooling the air adjacent to you in an exceptional way. The designer integrated a feature dubbed spot cooling which brings cool air to the area immediately adjacent to you instead of cooling the whole room. Spot cooling is the feature responsible for this product’s popularity as a personal air conditioner.

boat portable air conditioner

Another of the attractive features presented by this conditioner is its capability to operate without venting. This implies that you can place it anywhere in the boat and still enjoy its cooling chill. For easy moving around, it is designed to be lightweight and just for the sake of precision, it weighs only 30 pounds. If you still need its benefits after your boat vacation, you can easily roll it to your study room, place it beside you when sleeping or put it in the living room to induce ultimate comfort while watching TV.

The dehumidifier which comes as part of the unit can take up to 30 pints of moisture in a day to keep humidity at optimal levels. Just like other high-end portable air conditioners in its range, it also comes with a bucket full indicator which alerts you when you need to empty the bucket of the collected moisture. To protect your unit from damage which could be caused by an overflow, an auto-shutoff function was included.

Today, the demand for user friendly appliances has risen. The American Comfort ACW100 air conditioner meets these demands with its easy-to-program control panel which offers the user access to the unit’s advanced features. For instance, a user can use the control panel to access the 24-hour timer, the humidistat or switch appropriately between 2 fan speeds.

Probably, the major reason why one would opt to invest in such a conditioner for their boats is to minimize usage of energy. You realize that conventional air conditioners which were built to cool an entire home consumed a lot of energy and are already an environmental concern. Portable conditioners are however designed to be green and would therefore be best for boats. As the last credit, you will note that this conditioner has wheels which can be used to drag it around and take it wherever it is needed.

What would be the price of a reliable air conditioner for the boat?

The average price for high-end boat portable air conditioners is $ 250. They can be purchased from online shops or conventional home improvement stores depending on your preference. To avoid wasting time trying to learn how these units are operated, make sure a user’s manual is included with the purchase.

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