Choosing The Best Rated Portable Air Conditioner

If you need to have a fresh and cool atmosphere in a room, but you do not want to deal with regular air conditioners, you can have the option of choosing the best rated portable air conditioner. The main advantage of such devices is that they do not require a permanent installation.

NewAir AC-10000E has a compact size and occupies less space because of this. The device is the best rated portable air conditioner for personal areas, small offices, apartment rooms and bedrooms and its design is classic. The maximum recommended room size is of 325 square feet. The device includes autoevaporative technology and temperatures can be adjusted from a distance, with a convenient remote control. For better functionality at night, there is a twelve hours programmable timer available that can also help people to reduce energy consumption. This company has years of quality rating from its customers and the model is one of the recent ones.

best rated portable air conditioner

Sharp CV-2P10SX is very attractive when it comes to style and it is really sleek. It uses the cooling technology called “Library Quiet”, for cooling places that do not exceed 350 square feet. The air in a room can be refreshed with the use of a built-in Plasmacluster. Unpleasant odors are reduced by the Plasmacluster. The device has an additional option: a four way air direction. The air can be cooled and comfort could be provided with the aid of automatic oscillating louvers, which can sweep the air throughout rooms.

NewAir AC-14100E features a great cooling power, which can cool even larger spaces, up to 525 square feet. It is also named Ultra Versatile, because of its great characteristics. It has an energy saving timer, automatic temperature management and other features that make it very efficient. The automatic temperature management feature allows people to obtain a comfortable temperature for any room. It is good for year round use and has handles and casters that can ensure great portability.

MobilComfort KY-80 is the most compact device and can decrease temperature in any type of place. For small places like cubicle offices, this can be the perfect solution. It has a refrigerant that helps it be efficient and reliable. Other features

can be a digital thermostat, a washable and reusable filter, an evaporative dehumidifier and four way directional louvers.

Soleus LX-140 is a portable air conditioner and heater, but also a dehumidifier for the air in a room, featuring a fan with three different speeds. The machine is the most powerful and it has three fans. Moisture is reduced with the use of an evaporation technology. It comes with a digital thermostat that can be programmable, a color display, a timer, an onboard control panel and an LCD remote control. Exhaust hoses and a window kit are included for the product at acquisition.

No matter which device you choose, having the best rated portable air dehumidifier can help you a lot. These devices can also dehumidify the air in a room. Portable solutions are great for situations in which regular devices cannot be used due problems with costs, space and other requirements.

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