Choosing The Best Portable Air Conditioners

Advancement in technology has made almost every technology portable. Air conditioners prove to be the best example of this portable invention. Portability of air conditioners helps in saving a lot of money instead of multiple fixed ACs. It does not require any permanent installation and extra efforts for maintenance. The top 5 best portable air conditioners can be listed as below:

LG LP0711WNR: The most compact of all the air conditioners, this product of LG air conditioners can be purchased in just $250 and weighs just 48.5 pounds. It can cool down a room which is up to 200 square feet. Its energy can go till 7,000 BTU with dimensions 29.75″ x 13.9″ x 11.8″. It can be accessed with two speeds with the remote control that is provided along with the air conditioner. A small office or bedroom are few of the places where this product can run extremely well.

best portable air conditioners

Frigidaire FRA073PU1: Frigidaire FRA073PU1 will be provided to you at a cost of only $280. You will find most of the similar products at $300. Its height is 32″ with a width and depth of 20 ″ and 16.75″ respectively. A range of three speeds can be utilized to cool the room. With a weight of just 64 pounds, this room extends its energy usage till 5000 BTU. To get the desired effect of cooling, the room size must be of 290 square feet.

Danby DPAC12010H: By just spending $400 from your wallet, you can get the best of all the air conditioners which consists of not only a range of three speeds but even a heater and dehumidifier. All these options can be controlled with a remote control. Weighing 83 pounds and taking up 12,000 BTU of energy, it can provide to be a heater in winter season and also a portable air conditioner. A room of 500 square feet is easy for this air conditioner to cool or heat. The dimensions are 32.75″ x 19.75″ x 16.5″.

LG LP1411SHR: Here comes another product of LG that can provide you with facilities like heater for winter along with the basic function of also an air conditioner. You will have to spend $630 to purchase this 73 pounds’ portable air conditioner. It can cool the room which is extended up to 600 square feet such as outdoor area of work or a garage. It has a feature of removing moisture content of three pints every hour from the air. The height, width and the depth of LG LP1411SHR are 33″ x 18.5″ x 13″.

Whynter ARC-13S: You have to choose Whynter ARC-13S to relieve yourself from the summer heat. It is one of the best portable air conditioners which weighs only 79 pounds. You can use three sets of speeds to vary the temperature of the room according to your desire. It even includes a dehumidifier which can be accessed with a remote control. It costs only $540 with using 13,000 BTU.

Portable ACs can be bought in various sizes and brands. Help yourself in saving for this summer by choosing the best portable air conditioners. As it does not make holes to your pocket, you can save even on the costs of installation.

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