The Best Free Standing Air Conditioner Brands

Best free standing air conditioner reviews would give you some sort of information that you need before you purchase a unit to be placed inside your house. Depending on the budget that you have for them, the size that you want, features that it comes with along with the size of the room that you have, there are a few of them that you could choose from. Haier HPN10XCM, EdgeStar AP8000W and Soleus Air LX-140 are listed as the top three free standing AC units with different features and options that might be suitable with the conditions of your home.

Haier HPN10XCM is the top one that is rated the best from all the reviews, because the unit is able to remove 3.3 pints of water per hour. This actually means that you could use the unit as a multi functional device, one as an air conditioner and the other as a dehumidifier. With that being said, the unit itself is not as energy efficient as other models. The price for this particular unit itself is about USD $383.50 which is considered to be pretty affordable considering for a 10,000 BTU it could cover a room as big as 450 sq ft. You would be able to use the unit during different times during the day or night and all year long with different weather conditions outside the house.

best free standing air conditioner

EdgeStar AP8000W has the second highest rating reviewed. It comes with various different functions that you could set and configure to fulfill your needs in staying comfortable inside the house. With it being portable, it will also be able to be moved easily from one room to another and will be able to cool the room in no time at all. It comes with 8,000 BTU that will be able to cover a room with maximum 350 sq ft size. With the price of USD $265.99, it is certainly one affordable design that could be suitable with the budget that you have in hand.

Last but not least is the Soleus Air LX-140 model that comes in a price of USD $403.25. Even with the heaviest weight of 83 pounds for it, many people still choose this model because of the multi functional operating system that can be configure to keep them warm during winter season and to cool the room during summer season. For different conditions of the area where you live, this brand is the perfect brand because you would be able to easily set the temperature to how you want the room to be. With the 2015 bronze and excellence award, the unit could certainly be considered as one of the best free standing air conditioner that is available in the market.

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