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Feeling Comfortable At Home With Amana Heating And Air Conditioning

Amana heating and air conditioning products are manufactured by Amana. Maybe you have known about what Amana is, but if you are not, here is the answer. Amana is a trademark of Maytag Corporation or its related companies and is used under license to Goodman Company. Actually, Amana has another product that also popular, such as refrigeration, dishwashers, cooking, washers, and dryers. But the most popular product of Amana is heating and air conditioning. If you buy this heating and air conditioning, you will get limited lifetime warranty, 10 years limited warranty for the parts, and to get the warranty you should register with Amana within 60 days of installation

If you want the service, Amana provides extended service agreements, so you do not have to worry if the heating and air conditioning do not work. Amana created different styles and types of heating systems along with air conditioning units. For the air conditioner, each unit’s efficiency will be measured with SEER rating; it reflects the proportion of energy used that translates directly into cooling. If the SEER is high, it means that there will be greater energy efficiency. There also the heat pumps and furnace that you can choose as heating system for your house.

amana heating and air conditioning

Other choices of this heating and air conditioning are ductless system, air handler, and package units. You can choose the most suitable heating and air conditioning to be installed to your home. Some kinds of air conditioning from Amana are ASX16, ASXC16, ASX18, ASXC18, ASX13, and ASX14. Whereas for the heating product from Amana are ACVC95, ACH95, GSZ13, GSZ14, ASZ14, ASZ16, ASZC16, Amana AMV9, and ASZC18. Okay, if you really buy the product, you have to pay attention on the standard efficiency and other note which includes into the guiding book, because surely there will be guiding book for each kind of heating and air conditioning from Amana.

The next factor that you have to pay attention is how to care the Amana’s product, both heating and air conditioning. For the heating system, it can be heat pumps of furnace, you have to check it routine or annually by the certificated technician to make sure the product work correctly. Furthermore, for your air conditioning unit you will have to check regularly with inspections by calling an expert that could do the job. This is to prevent things such as rust root, leaks, frayed wire or corroded electrical contacts to happen. These problems could compromise the units functionality. Well, now is your time to choose the best of Amana heating and air conditioner.

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